Smuggled Syrian-made rockets based on a Chinese design have boosted Hamas’ 10,000-strong arsenal which is dominated by crude homemade devices, officials and experts say.

A surface-to-surface weapon that struck the coastal town Hadera – 30 miles north of Tel Aviv and 70 miles from the Gaza Strip – is an “M-302 type rocket” similar to a shipment of rockets Israel intercepted at sea in March, the Israeli Defense Forces said Wednesday.

“We understand that there are several other tens of these rockets within the Gaza Strip, that can potentially reach that long distance,” IDF spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner said.

“Hamas is capable of manufacturing fairly basic rockets on its own,” said Patrick Megahan, research analyst at the U.S.-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies and manager of the MilitaryEdge defense website. “After all, we’ve seen rebel groups in Syria manufacture some of their own crude rockets with little to no outside help. What Iran and Syria offer is munition of better quality produced in mass, which is harder to do in a garage or basement in Gaza where material is limited.” […]