So that this integration is the fastest and most complete possible, the commander of Jean Bart and Operations Staff had gone there a few days ago, on board the US aircraft carrier to meet their key stakeholders .

Having joined the aircraft carrier in Bahrain on one of two daily flights from Greyhound , the French officers  were welcomed by the commander of the Carl Vinson , the commander of the escort (COMDESRON) and the Grady against Admiral, commander of the TF 50 .

Lunch with Admiral and working meetings have to plan in detail a rapid process of integration of the frigate. These initial contacts, extremely warm, have highlighted the strong will of the US to work extensively with French media.

The Jean Bart had already served as area air defense commander and Air Defence Commander to the benefit of the aircraft carrier USS GHW Bush last spring.

Following these discussions, the visit of the aircraft carrier and fortuitous reunion with two American officers previously stationed in the Charles De Gaulle and CECMED 1 , revealed, if need be, the perfect similarity French and American working methods for the implementation of an air group.

Under the tactical command of Admiral commanding the TF 50 , the Jean Bart provide the following functions:

  • commander of an air defense area in favor of Air Operations Coordination Centre (CAOC) in Al Udeid, located in Qatar;
  • commander of the air defense group of the US aircraft carrier.

Launched on 19 September 2014, the operation Shamal is, at the request of the Iraqi government and in coordination with the allies of France in the region, to provide air support to Iraqi forces in their fight against the terrorist group proclaimed Daech . This is based on nine aircraft Rafale , a C135 aircraft refueling, mariti