A letter issued Wednesday by a top leader of the Free Syrian Army makes it clear that its fighters intend to use U.S. aid to fight not only ISIS but the forces of Bashar al-Assad, regardless of a reluctance by the Obama administration to publicly acknowledge that fact. The letter – issued as Congress began voting on aid and assistance to the rebels – affirms “the Free Syrian Army’s continued commitment to removing the twin terrorists Bashar al-Assad and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi from Syrian soil,” and directly calls upon the U.S. Congress to help them accomplish that task.

Obtained by CNN and available here, the letter was in direct response to Rep. Rick Nolan, D-Minnesota, who opposed the House legislation that provided funding and military aid to Syrian rebels fighting ISIS. On Tuesday on the House floor, Nolan questioned whether members the Free Syrian Army were truly moderates.

“Did you hear the latest news?” Nolan asked his colleagues. “Just came out over the wire, I bet you guys haven’t heard it. The founder of the Free Syrian Army, okay? The one we’re going to give five billion dollars to? Riad al-Assad? He just says, ‘We’re not going to use that money to fight ISIS. No, no, we’re fighting Assad!’” […]