Four Jordanian soldiers are currently following a train-the-trainer course on the air defense system Cheetah in our country. The program stems from the arms deal Defense made with Jordan last year. In that country, 60 Cheetah tanks get a second life in the desert. (Cheetah is the Dutch army’s name for the Leopard-based Gepard self-propelled twin anti-aircraft vehicle—Ed)

After the last firing in 2006 Raymond Pex and Sergeant Rene Broeders never expected to see another Cheetah close up. Now, they are spending 7 weeks in Almelo to train the Jordanians on that same weapon system. “This is my baby,” says Pex. “I was a tank commander and I know it inside out.” The lesson plans and technical documentation were translated into English especially for the course, Broeders says. “In seven weeks you can only learn the basics but we make sure they leave with enough knowledge.” […]