Denel Dynamics, the missile and UAV division of South Africa’s Denel, is in talks with South Korea about integrating the Al-Tariq precision-guided bomb kit with the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) FA-50 light fighter, a senior company executive has disclosed.

Thiens Botha, the company’s product manager for stand-off weapons, told IHS Jane’s on 23 April that the discussions involved the GPS/INS-guided variant, with fold-out wings and booster motor giving a range of about 100 km. The wingless variant has a range of about 40 km, depending on the release altitude.

Imaging infrared and semi-active laser seeker options are also available for the Al-Tariq in a guidance and extension-range kit also known as the Umbani, which can be fitted to Mk 81, Mk 82, and Mk 83 bombs. The kit is a joint venture between Denel Dynamics and Tawazun Dynamics of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). […]