At least 10 Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga fighters entered Kobane Thursday after a much-delayed border crossing from Turkey into Syria, according to reports from the besieged Syrian border city.

Reporting from the Turkish side of the Syria-Turkey border, FRANCE 24’s Alexander Turnbull said the first group of an estimated 150 Iraqi peshmerga fighters are believed to have crossed the frontier and met with Syrian Kurdish fighters defending Kobane.

“One of the rare journalists in the city, we talked to him earlier and he confirmed they had entered Kobane to in fact meet with the leaders of the [Syrian] Kurdish fighters to discuss the best way to get the 150 peshmerga fighters across the border,” said Turnbull. “It seems like the peshmerga units could be divided into smaller groups capable of moving faster, more discreetly and they would then be in charge of moving the crates of weapons and ammo, which would mean the process would likely be slower, but a lot safer.” […]