Nathalie Smirnov, director of the DCNS Services division, inaugurated the premises housing the teams dedicated to the maintenance and modernization programmes for part of the Saudi Arabian military fleet. These programmes correspond to the different Service contracts, of which the most recent LEX (Life Extension) was initiated in the fall 2013.

The teams of the Saudi Arabia programme platform manage the service contracts with this major DCNS customer:

— The LEX contract relates to the maintenance of 4 Madina-class frigates (frigates 2000) and two Boraida-class replenishment oilers built in the frame of the Sawari1 programme.
— The ERAV contract covers the maintenance of 3 Al Riyadh-class frigates (frigates 3000) delivered in the frame of the Sawari2 programme. This represents a total of 9 major technical shutdowns** and 2 intermediate technical shutdowns*** to be performed in Jeddah over the coming years.
— Lastly, the AMWAJ contract relates to support to the Royal Saudi Navy in terms of spare-parts supply and technical assistance.

The services provided by DCNS will be delivered partly in France (design, preparation, purchasing, replacement parts and equipment) and partly in Saudi Arabia by the DCNS subsidiary Support KSA (performance and management of work on site) and its employees, which represent DCNS locally in the field and as close as possible to the customer.

“The Saudi Arabia platform reflects the effective launch of this programme by our teams. The execution of the first technical shutdown to start on the frigate Abha in Jeddah will represent a further step in addressing the challenges of this major contract”, underlines Nathalie Smirnov, director of the DCNS Services division.

* ODAS, which represents French interests in Saudi Arabia, signed a State-to-State contract with Riyadh in 2013 relating to the modernization of part of the Kingdom’s military fleet. DCNS intervenes in this frame in support of the Saudi Navy.
**Major technical shutdown: vessel maintenance period stretching over several months and covering major operations.
***Intermediate technical shutdown: vessel maintenance period stretching over several weeks.

Wide-ranging know-how at the service of the Royal Saudi Navy

In total, 70 DCNS employees work in the Saudi Arabia programme platform premises on the naval base in Toulon. They have various profiles (programme, production, purchasing, finance, quality…). They make up a dedicated team, located in one place, to offer greater reactivity and efficiency at the service of the Royal Saudi Navy.

Furthermore, DCNS representatives from all Group sites will regularly travel to Saudi Arabia throughout the duration of the contracts.

DCNS designs and builds submarines and surface combatants, develops associated systems and infrastructure, and offers a full range of services to naval bases and shipyards. The DCNS Group generates annual revenues of €3.4 billion and employs 13,600 people (2013 data).