In the coming months, the construction of the Ground Training Center at the Hatzerim airbase, where simulators for the new M-346 training aircraft will soon be operational, will be completed.

Much like the recently-inaugurated combat mission simulator at the Hatzor airbase, the M-346 simulator allows for training flights in formation by connecting the different simulators. The new, connected simulator will operate on two modes: one for full missions and the other for operational flights that are designed mainly for emergency drills. The simulators are based on innovative technology and simulate flights at an exceedingly high level.

In addition, scenario-based simulators from the Italian company, Alenia Aermacchi, the manufacturer of the M-346, will also be operational at the training center. These are more basic simulators than the connected simulators and are built with six screens in every station. The IAF already has in its possession an earlier version of this type of simulator for learning purposes. […]