The Defense Department plans to arm Iraqi and Kurdish forces and Sunni tribesmen with weapons such as Colt M4 Carbines and equip them with trucks, radios and satellite-guidance devices under a $1.62 billion request that President Barack Obama has sent to Congress.

The request to arm forces in Iraq to fight Islamic State extremists would have to be approved as part of the pending war budget for fiscal 2015. It would provide $1.23 billion for the Iraqi Security Forces, $354 million for Kurdish regional forces and $24 million for Sunni tribesman in besieged Anbar province.

A 16-page document from the Pentagon’s comptroller discloses specifics of the arms and equipment to be provided as part of a $5.6 billion plan announced by Obama this month to help Islamic Security Forces go on the offensive against Islamic State militants who have captured a swath of Iraq and Syria. The Defense Department said it will equip nine Iraqi and three Kurdish brigades, at an estimated cost of about $89 million each. […]