A vehicle packed with explosives detonated at a military post of the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah in the Bekaa Valley early on Tuesday, causing casualties among Hezbollah members, according to Lebanon’s National News Agency.

According to the Hezbollah-affiliated television channel Al Manar, the post, in the town of Labweh, north of Baalbek, was a rotation point for Hezbollah fighters coming and going from Syria, where the Shiite militia has been fighting against rebels trying to topple the group’s ally, President Bashar al-Assad. The nearby town of Arsal is a transit point for Syrian rebels and Lebanese Sunni militants who have joined the uprising in Syria, and also shelters many Syrian refugees.

Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria has heightened political and sectarian tensions in Lebanon, where the population is sharply divided between supporters and opponents of the Syrian government. In August, twin car bombs struck southern Beirut neighborhoods where Hezbollah has many supporters; Syrian insurgents or their Lebanese sympathizers were widely blamed. […]