An anti-tank missile hit an outdated APC early this week, killing seven soldiers.

Only this morning did the IDF spokesman release for publication the names of the six Golani Brigade soldiers killed early Sunday morning when an APC (armored personnel carrier) was hit in the Saijiya battle. Particulars of the seventh soldier killed in the incident were released later, even though the process of identifying his body had not yet been completed, and he was officially classified as missing in action. The soldier’s name, Oren Shaul from Poriyah, was cleared for publication around noon.

The Hamas military wing reported Sunday night that it had captured an Israeli soldier. The IDF spokesman neither confirmed nor denied the report, saying that the matter was being investigated. Military sources believe that an anti-tank missile hit an APC used by a Golani force operating in Sajiya that came under heavy fire. The US-made M-113 APC, which is called Bardelas in the IDF, is considered extremely outdated, having been first manufactured in the 1960s. It is made of a fairly light layer of aluminum in order to avoid a load that will affect its performance, which exposes it to a direct hit by the types of armaments that have appeared over the past decade in the theaters in which the IDF operates. […]