The US government has prevented an American company from exporting camera systems and laser pointers to a Turkish company, Vestel, which wants to acquire the technology for its newly developed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the Karayel.

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) tasked Vestel in 2011 with developing new UAVs, and the company is expected to deliver the Karayel in July 2014. Aiming to equip these new UAVs with camera systems and laser pointers, Vestel sought out an American company, WestCAM Solutions, from which to acquire the technology. The American company applied to the US government for permission to sell their products to the Turkish company, but the request was denied. The US also canceled the delivery of Predator drones in 2013.

The laser pointers that Vestel ordered from the American company are used in UAV targeting systems. […]