FORT WORTH, TX — Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company, announced today it has delivered the first seven of 15 Bell 429s to the Turkish National Police on or ahead of schedule. The aircraft will be used for a wide array of law enforcement missions, including surveillance, personnel transport and air support of ground operations.

“With the most advanced technology available in the industry, the Bell 429 enables our police force to serve and protect our country more safely and efficiently,” said Murad Bayar, Undersecretary for Defence Industries in the Republic of Turkey. “We’d also like to thank the team at Bell’s Piney Flats facility as they went above and beyond to make sure we received the best support and service possible throughout these deliveries.”

The first seven of 15 Bell 429s ordered by the Turkish National Police last year were accepted between September and October 2013, with remaining deliveries expected to occur on or ahead of schedule through next year. The National Police began operating the aircraft as soon as they were delivered, flying surveillance and transport missions nearly every day and night. Each aircraft is equipped with multi-sensor cameras, the latest microwave downlink technology and a state-of-the-art video management system that allows the flow of information between air and ground operations.