Bahrain has become the launch customer for the new Kornet-EM anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system, according to a Russian military industrial complex source.

The source said Bahrain ordered about 100 9M133M-2 missiles for the Kornet-EM system in 2014. The type and number of launchers ordered by the kingdom has not been revealed.

Made by the Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) in Tula, the Kornet-EM is a laser-beam-riding system with a ‘fire-and-forget’ capability and a range of up to 10 km. Its 9M133M-2 tandem shaped-charge warhead can defeat explosive reactive armour and then penetrate 1,100-1,300 mm of conventional armour. The 9M133FM-2 missile is for use against structures and the 9M133FM-3 missile for use against aircraft. […]