Yesterday, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) conducted a rocket attack on the US embassy in Yemen’s embattled capital, Sana’a. The attack was reportedly carried out by AQAP fighters riding past the embassy on a motor bike.

According to Arabic media reports, the rocket fell about 100 meters from the embassy last night and caused no injuries or deaths. Some reports speculate that the concrete slabs directly in front of the embassy may have absorbed much of the force of the blast and thereby spared the embassy’s employees and structures. Other reports claimed that Yemeni guards were wounded in the attack.

This development comes just two days after the US State Department issued a statement directing some diplomats and government employees working in the Sana’a embassy to leave the country, citing the “changing, unpredictable security situation in Yemen.” The statement noted that the embassy would remain open with the majority of staff on site. […]