Late last week, a Twitter account linked to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed credit for a series of attacks against Houthi and Yemeni military targets in four central Yemeni provinces. These latest attacks included a targeted assassination of an alleged Houthi supporter as well as an assault on a Yemeni military vehicle during which the terrorist group seized millions of Yemeni rials.

In a continuation of AQAP’s campaign of targeted assassinations of perceived Houthi supporters, the terrorist group claimed credit for the killing of a colonel in the local Civil Affairs Administration in Taiz province on Dec. 3. AQAP claimed that its fighters shot Colonel Fakri al Barawi, described in a statement from the terrorist group as “the computing devices officials in the Civil Affairs Adminstration,” while he was in the al Hareesh neighborhood of Taiz.

According to AQAP, al Barawi was killed on the spot — an assassination that the terrorist group attempted to justify by alleging the colonel’s “proven … cooperation with the Houthis for their war on the Muslims in the province.” Yemeni news sources reported that security forces in Taiz arrested eight suspects linked to al Barawi’s assassination. […]