Over the weekend, fighters from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula staged a series of attacks throughout southern Yemen. The attacks, like previous operations carried out by AQAP, targeted military locations and personnel in the provinces of Baydha, Shabwa, and Abyan.

During the night between July 25 and 26, AQAP fighters attacked a security checkpoint at the northern entrance of the city of al Baydha in south central Yemen. A fierce battle ensued between Yemeni soldiers and AQAP fighters, resulting in the deaths of four soldiers and the wounding of two others. According to local military sources, the AQAP assailants set fire to a Yemeni military vehicle stationed at the checkpoint and then fled the scene. The Yemeni military immediately dispatched reinforcements to the area and began sweeping the mountainous region surrounding al Baydha.

On July 26, Yemeni security officials said that fighters suspected of being part of AQAP gunned down a military supply and logistics convoy in Shabwa province, killing a soldier named Mohammad Hamadi from Ta’iz and wounding another. […]