The Algerian military institution has warned against any form of permissiveness about Algeria’s security and stability and hailed by the same token the commendable efforts made by President Abdellaziz Bouteflika aimed at restoring peace and quietude in the country during his terms of office at the helm of the nation.

This came out in the latest release of the ANP’s El Djeich review which said that the head of state, Abdellaziz Bouteflika, had through a wise and efficient policy succeeded in reuniting the Algerian people after the “embers years” which beset the country thanks to the civil concord and national reconciliation policy which proved to be much successful for the welfare and stability of the nation.

It added that today’s peace and stability now being enjoyed by Algeria came following the untold sacrifices of the martyrs of yesteryear and of today who laid down their lives for the nation’s dignity and supreme interests. […]