The Algerian Air Force has ordered 12 Sukhoi¬†(Su-34) “Fullback” fighter bombers from Russian aircraft manufacturer Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association to replace an aged fleet of Soviet-era MiG-25s, which are long over-due for retirement from service, as part of an ongoing force modernization program.

In an interview published by Russian-language newspaper Vedomosti on New Year’s Day, Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association Director General Chkalov Sergei Smirnov announced that Algeria has finally ordered the Su-34 after nearly eight years of continuous negotiations.

Although he did not give any further details on the sale, Smirnov said the Algerian Air Force is also negotiating for the long-term purchase of upgraded versions of the company’s (Sukhoi) Su-24 “Fencer,” which would be in line with the changing needs of Algeria’s ongoing force re-orientation and modernization project. […]