The Algerian Air Force (AAF) has ramped up its order of Russian-made Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” attack helicopters from the eight initially reported in January to 42, the Russian-language newspaper RIA-Novosti reported.

Quoting an unnamed military-industrial source last week, Russian media outlets RIA-Novosti and TASS said Algeria and Iraq have become the first international customers of the Mi-28NE helicopter with confirmed orders of 42 and 19 respectively while more countries are negotiating for similar acquisitions.

“These are Commonwealth of Independent States (a grouping of traditional Russian military customers) countries, [countries] in Latin America, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Bahrain, Iran, Egypt, Algeria and also countries in sub-Saharan Africa which are negotiating for the acquisition of the Mi-28NE,” said the source, who works at the Russian Defense Ministry’s International Cooperation Department. […]