Another sign of the Su-30 relocation, Belarus moved three more of its decommissioned Su-24 Fencer to the ARP area, possible queued to be overhauled for export. By February 2012, Belarus withdrew all of the Fencer aircraft from service. (An additional Su-24 located on a taxiway had its wings and horizontal stabilizers removed, possibly cannibalized for parts). Unfortunately, no new orders have been reported in the press.

On a related note, Belarus recently sold three Su-24 ground attack aircraft to Sudan where they are currently based at the Wadi Sayyidna Air Base. Approximately 25km northwest of Khartoum, the base allows them to strike targets in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile states. (These aircraft can also be equipped with two external fuel tanks to extend their flight times.)

Some sources initially reported Sudan had purchased 12 of the ground attack aircraft–though rumors remain unconfirmed. Yet the presence of the additional Su-24 at the 558 may suggest they were correct. […]