610mm Zelzal-2

Operator: Iran Hezbollah Islamic Jihad
Status: In Service In Service Rumored
Number: Hundreds Dozens Very few
Cost: Unknown Gift from Iran Gift from Iran
Acquired: 1998 2005 2014
General Specs
Country of origin: Iran (possible assistance from China and North Korea)
Manufacturer: Unknown
Introduced: 1998
Category Long-range unguided rocket
Weight: 7,716.2 lbs (3,500 kg)
Length: 27.9 ft (8.5 m)
Barrel Length: N/A – rail launched
Width: N/A
Height: N/A
Platform: Civilian trucks with single rail launcher added to rear
Caliber: 610mm
Propulsion: Solid fuel
Breech: N/A
Recoil: N/A
Rate of Fire: Single rocket per launcher
Range: 155.3 miles (250 km)
Traverse: N/A
Sights: None
Accuracy: Low
Crew: 3*
Ammunition: 1,322.8 lbs (600 kg) of high explosives (HE) or chemical weapon
Notes: Believed to be based on the Soviet FROG-7.