Kilo II Class (Type 636)

Operator: Algeria
Status: In Service/On Order
Number: 2/2
Names: 022
Cost: $200 million each
Acquired: First two: 2010 (Deal signed in 2006)
Second two: Ordered February 2014; to be delivered by 2018
General Specs
Country of origin: Russia
Manufacturer: Designed by Rubin Central Maritime Design Bureau (St. Petersburg) Constructed at Admiralty Shipyard (St. Petersburg)
Introduced: 2004
Displacement: Submerged: 3,076 tons
Surfaced: 2,350 tons
Propulsion: 2 x 4DL-42M Diesel Generators
1 x PG-141M Electric Motor
1 x PG-142 Electric Motor
Power: 5800 hp
Max Speed: 20 knots
Length: 242.1 ft (73.8 m)
Beam: 32.5 ft (9.9 m)
Draft: 21.7 ft (6.6 m)
Dive Depth 984.3 ft (300 m )
Hull Material: Outer hull covered with sound damping tiles
Fuel Capacity:
Range: 7,500 miles
Crew: 52
Armament: 6 x 533mm torpedo tubes
8 x missiles
Missiles 8 x SA-N-8 Gremlin (Strela-3)
8 x SA-N-10 Gimlet (Igla)
SS-N-27 Sizzler (Novator Club-S)
Torpedos 18 x VA-111 Torpedos
Mines 24 x AM-1 Mines
Sonar/Sensors: MGK-400EM Shark Teeth (Rubikon) Active/Passive Digital Sonar
MRK-50E Snoop Tray-2 General Purpose Detection Radar
Countermeasures/Defenses: Electronic Support Measures (ESM)
Radar Warning Receiver
Misc Systems:


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