Spike (Tamuz)

IDF Introducing New Artillery Doctrine

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Artillery Corps is in the process of introducing a new tactical doctrine that combines short bursts of shell fire with guided surface-to-surface missiles. Speaking on 2 August, Colonel Rami Habudraham, the commander of the Flame of Fire Artillery Brigade, said his formation has been training to use what he described […]

Israel, India To Conclude Anti-Tank Missile Deal

India and Israel will soon conclude a contract for an Indian government-approved anti-tank missile procurement and licensed-production deal estimated at US $500 million, sources here say. In a meeting Friday in Tel Aviv with visiting Indian Home Affairs Minister Rajnath Singh, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon noted that the deal with state-owned Rafael, producers of […]

Israeli Arms Exports Drop Nearly $1 Billion in 2013

Israeli defense exports fell by almost $1 billion last year, a very rare decline reflecting declining defense budgets worldwide. The Defense Ministry’s International Defense Cooperation Agency said exports were $6.54 billion last year, down from $7.4 billion in 2012. Defense exports are a key industry for Israel; since 2005, they have risen every year except […]

Spike Missiles for Helicopters of Columbia

Rafael upgrades Sikorsky AH-60L Harpy IV Black Hawks of the Colombian military (FAC) and equipping them with Spike missiles of different ranges, according to the website infodefensa.com. The 10 upgraded helicopters are supposed to provide the Air Force the ability to attack ground targets, especially against armored and artillery divisions and strengthen the deterrent power of […]

Israel Lauds New Capabilities in Gaza

On July 8, the first day of Operation Protective Edge, five Hamas frogmen attempted an amphibious assault on an Israeli military base bordering northern Gaza. They didn’t get far. First, they were spotted by a Navy coastal sensor, which streamed targeting data through the Army’s new command-and-control network to air, sea and ground shooters. Almost […]

Israeli Rivals Take Aim at Polish Helicopter Deal

Two Israeli companies are competing for a contract to equip Polish combat helicopters with advanced air-to-surface missiles. Israel Aerospace Industries is offering its laser-guided Lahat, which has a range of 5.4nm (10km), while Rafael’s Spike ER is also on offer, manufactured under license by Polish Defence Holding. Poland is pursuing separate deals to acquire a new […]

Israel Swaps Killer Copters for Killer Drones

Israel has pulled from service one of its most battle-proven military aircraft. The Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter gunship, which served with distinction in a long line of campaigns since the mid-1970s, is being replaced … with drones. The news comes as no surprise to close observers of the Israeli air force. In fact, the last […]