Su-24 Fencer

Syrian Air Force to Get Russian Su-24M2 Frontline Bombers

The Syrian Air Force has received a batch of Su-24M2 (NATO reporting name: Fencer-D) frontline bombers supplied by Russia, according to the AMN news agency. “The Syrian Air Force has received several Su-24M2 aircraft supplied by Russia in order to beef up the Damascus` combat capabilities to fight against international terrorism. At present, two Su-24M2 […]

Algeria Orders 12 Su-34 ‘Fullback’ Fighter-Bombers From Russia

The Algerian Air Force has ordered 12 Sukhoi (Su-34) “Fullback” fighter bombers from Russian aircraft manufacturer Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association to replace an aged fleet of Soviet-era MiG-25s, which are long over-due for retirement from service, as part of an ongoing force modernization program. In an interview published by Russian-language newspaper Vedomosti on New Year’s Day, […]

Iran’s Air Force to Enter Syria Conflict: Report

Iran is preparing to deploy two fighter jet squadrons to Syria to conduct strikes on behalf of the Bashar al-Assad regime, according to a Kuwaiti daily with close access to Moscow’s military intervention in the war-torn country. “The Iranian participation [in the Syrian conflict] is headed for more advancement with preparation for the arrival of […]

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet Fighter

Turkish F-16s shot down a Russian jet fighter along the Syrian border on Tuesday, sparking fury in Moscow that threatened to undercut growing efforts to create a new international coalition to confront expanding Islamic State terrorism. The Turkish military strike, captured by dramatic video, marked the first time since 1952 that a North Atlantic Treaty […]

President: Sudan Launches Strikes in Yemen

Sudanese Air Force precision bombers participated in coalition operations in Yemen, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir told crowds in a rally in the western city of Zalingey, Sudan, on Wednesday. According to a statement released by the Sudanese Armed Forces, al-Bashir saluted Air Force service members on their efforts to support operation Decisive Storm and that […]

Iran Plans to Build Mig-29 Fighter Jet Simulator

The Iranian Air Force plans to manufacture a home-made simulator for Mig-29, Deputy Commander of the Army’s Self-Sufficiency Jihad Rear Admiral Farhad Amiri announced. “Iranian Army’s Air Force has manufactured Sukhoi Su-24 and Mirage simulators and we are going to start construction of Mig-29 simulator soon,” Admiral Amiri said, lauding Iran’s Army self-sufficiency in different […]

Libyan Air Force Claims to Have Opened Western Campaign

The Libyan Air Force appears to have carried out its first airstrikes in the west of the country, increasing pressure on the groups that control Tripoli. The remnants of the Ghadaffi-era air force are loyal to former general Khalifah Haftar, who is leading an alliance of military units and militias against the rival Libya Dawn […]

From Dumb Bombs to Precision Weapons, Assad Regime Ramps Up Airstrikes on Rebels

The Syrian regime has responded to recent rebel gains in the south with a wave of airstrikes of unprecedented accuracy, suggesting precision-guided bombs are being used against western- and Gulf-backed opposition forces. Dozens of attacks were carried out last week in southern Syria, hitting buildings used by rebels as headquarters for their operations in the […]

Iran Overhauls Su-24 Fighter Jet

The Iranian Sir Force experts have overhauled several Sukhoi Su-24 fighter jets successfully for the first time. Each Su-24 jet was overhauled after 35,000 person-hour works at the Shahid Doran Air Base in Shiraz, Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported Sept. 24. The Su-24 is a supersonic, all-weather attack aircraft developed in the former Soviet Union. […]

Putin’s Belligerence Reaches a Tipping Point

Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet today after it violated the country’s airspace. The Turkish military claims it issued ten warnings before shooting down the aircraft, while Russia denies any breach of Turkish territory. The incident marks the most serious direct confrontation between a NATO member and Russia in half a century. Russian President […]