Su-22 Fitter-D

Saudi Airstrikes Cripple Air Force in Yemen

Saudi warplanes struck military bases that had been seized by Houthi rebels in Yemen, crippling the air force in a U.S.-backed campaign that has led to fears of a proxy war among the Middle East’s big powers. As weekend airstrikes blunted their expansion into southern Yemen, the Iranian-backed rebels suffered a political setback: Their most […]

Iranian Fighter-Bombers Operating in Syria

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF), entangled in a bloody civil war that will soon reach its four-year mark, relies heavily on Russia and Iran to keep attrition from diminishing its firepower. After having upgraded several SyAAF Mi-17s with armour plates and FLIR cameras, stationing Mojaher 4, Yasir and Shahed 129 UAVs in Syria and […]

Russian-Made Yemeni Military Jet Crashes in Sanaa

A Russian-made Yemeni military jet ploughed into a residential district of the capital Sanaa on Monday, killing the pilot, officials said, and witnesses said it exploded in mid-air before crashing. The Sukhoi crashed into “Al-Asbahi residential district in southern Sanaa,” a military official told AFP. […]