Sinpo Class (Gorae)

Operator: North Korea
Status: In Service
Number: 1
Cost: Unknown
Acquired: 2014
General Specs
Country of origin: North Korea
Class: Ballistic missile submarine (potentially just a prototype or test vehicle)
Manufacturer: North Korea
Introduced: Construction began in late 2012 and was launched in July 2014
Displacement: 1,000 – 1,500 tons
Propulsion: Diesel Electric
Power: Unknown
Max Speed: 18.4 mph (16 knots)
Length: 214.9 ft (65.5 m)
Beam: 21.7 ft (6.6 m)
Height: Unknown
Draft: Unknown
Dive Depth Unknown
Hull Material: Steel
Fuel Capacity: Unknown
Range: Unknown
Crew: 30-50
Armament: 2 x vertical launch tubes in the sail; potentially 2-4 x torpedo tubes in the bow
Missiles 1-2 x KN-11 ballistic missile (SLBM)
Torpedos Unknown
Mines Unknown
Other: None
Sonar/Sensors: Non-indigenous commercial systems
Countermeasures/Defenses: None
Notes: North Korea’s first ballistic missile submarine based on the former Yugoslavian Sava or Heroj class submarines. Ex-Soviet Golf II class submarines acquired by the North in 1993 are also believe to have influenced the Sinpo’s design.
It is believed to have successfully test the KN-11 SLBM on April 23, 2016, while an earlier test in December 2015 may have damaged the submarine when the missile failed to eject properly.
Also known as the Pongdae class.


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