Sea Eagle (P3T)

Operator: Saudi Arabia
Status: In Service (potentially retired)
Number: 102
Acquired: 1993
General Specs:
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Manufacturer: BAE Dynamics
Introduced: 1981
Range: 68.35+ miles (110+ km)
Warhead: 230 kg; aluminized RDX-TNT (about 500 lbs)
Speed: Mach 0.85 (cruise)
Weight: 1325 lb (600 kg)
Length: 13.58 ft (4.14 m)
Diameter: 15.75 inches (40 cm)
Wingspan: 3.94 ft (1.2 m)
Propellant: Microturbo TRI-60 Turbojet; 787lb Static Thrust
Guidance system: Inertial guidance mid-course and active terminal radar guidance
Launch platform: Fixed-wing and helicopter launched
Tornado IDS


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