Scud C (Shahab-2/Hwasong-6)

Operator: Syria North Korea Iran
Status: In Service In Service In Service
Number: <100 ~100 150
Cost: Unknown Unknown Unknown
Acquired: 1991-2000 1992 1990
General Specs:
Country of origin: Originally based on a Soviet or Chinese design, then copied by North Korea
Manufacturer: North Korea, with Iran and Syria believed to be producing copies or updated variants
Introduced: 1989-1991
Class: Short-range ballistic missile (SRBM)
Range: 357-373 miles (575-600 km)
Warhead: 1,322.7-1,543.2 lbs (600-700 kg) high explosive (HE) or chemical payload
Weight: 13,437-14,110 lbs (6,095-6,400 kg)
Length: 36.9 ft (11.25 m)
Diameter: 2.89 ft (0.88 m)
Propellant: Single-stage liquid propellant engine
Guidance System: Inertial Guidance System
Accuracy: 2,297 ft CEP (700 m CEP)
Launch Platform: Mobile transporter erector launcher


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