Scud B (Shahab-1/Hwasong-5)

Operator: Status: Number: Cost: Acquired:
North Korea In Service ~300 Unknown Egypt in the mid-1970s, but domestic production began in 1984
Egypt In Service >100 Unknown USSR, North Korea, or domestically produced
Syria In Service Several hundred; 26 launchers Unknown North Korea &/or USSR – Late 1980s
Yemen In Service 18 (likely destroyed or used) Unknown North Korea – 1999-2000
Iran In Service 200 Unknown Libya (1985) and Syria (1986), with domestic production beginning in 1988
General Specs:
Country of origin: Soviet Union
Manufacturer: Originally Scud Bs produced by the Soviet Union, copies also produced in North Korea (Hwasong-5), Iran (Shahab-1), and Iraq (Al-Hussein)
Introduced: 1962 (Deployed)
Class: Short-Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM)
Range: 186.4 miles (300 km)
Warhead: 2204.6 lbs (1,000 kg) Designed for multiple types of warheads.
Weight: 13,007 lbs (5,900 kg)
Length: 36.9 ft (11.25 m)
Diameter: 2.89 ft (0.88 m)
Propellant: Single-Stage Liquid Propellant
Guidance System: Intertial Guidance System
Accuracy: 1476 ft CEP (450 m CEP)
Launch Platform: MAZ 543 P TEL vehicle
Combat history: Scud B missiles have been used in the Yom Kippur War (1973), Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988), Afghan Civil War (1989-1992), Persian Gulf War (1991), 1994 Yemeni Civil War, Libyan Civil War (2011), Syrian Civil War (2011-Present), and the 2015 Yemeni Civil War.


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