Talash (Sayyad-2/3)

Operator: Iran
Status: Under Development
Number: Unknown
Cost: Unknown
Acquired: Talash system first tested with Sayyad-3 missile in December 2016, Sayyad-2 missile entered production in November 2013
General Specs:
Country of origin: Iran
Manufacturer: Iran
Introduced: Talash system: Unveiled September 2014; Sayyad-2 missile: first tested in 2011; Sayyad-3 missile: Unveiled April 2014
Class: Mid-to-long range surface-to-air missile system
Range: Sayyad-2: 49.7-93.2 miles (80-150 km); Sayyad-3: 124.3 miles (200 km)
Altitude: Sayyad-2: 65,617-98,425 ft (20,000-30,000 m); Sayyad-3: 98,425+ ft (30,000+ m)
Warhead: Frag-high explosive (HE)
Speed: Mach 4-5
Weight: Unknown
Length: Sayyad-2: 15+ ft (4.6 m); Sayyad-3: 17+ ft (5.2 m)
Diameter: 13.5 inch (0.34 m)
Propellant: Tow-stage solid propellant
Guidance System: Radar homing possibly with mid-course guidance system
Accuracy: Unknown
Missiles: Sayyad-2, Sayyad-3, S-200
Radar(s): Search: Arash-2 or Kayhan 2D phased array radars capable of tracking 30 targets up to (100 km) away and engaging 12 — reportedly can also integrate with larger early warning radars
Fire control: Ofoq radar
Command and Control: Talash system
Launch Platform: Towed launcher carrying 2-4 Patriot-like canisters
Operators (crew): Unknown
Notes: Based on the SM-1 missile acquired from the U.S. before 1979 for the Iranian Navy
Intended to intercept UAVs, cruise missiles, and high-performance aircraft
Frequently referred to in three variants with Talash-1 using only the Sayyad-2 missiles, the Talash-2 featuring integration with the Sayyad-2 and S-200 missiles, and the Talash-3 using Sayyad-2 and Sayyad-3 missiles


Iran Equips S-200 Air Defense System with New Missiles

Iran’s S-200 air defense system has been equipped with domestically manufactured Sayyad-3 missiles, the deputy commander of the Khatam-ol-Anbiya Air Defense Base announced on Saturday.  Brigadier General Shahrokh Shahram said that Sayyad-3 missiles are able to hit targets at medium altitudes. Iranian experts had previously upgraded the Russian-made long-range medium-to-high altitude surface-to-air S-200 air defense […]

Iran Starts Mass-Production of “Sayyad-2” Surface-to-Air Missile

The production line of the “Sayyad-2” surface-to-air missile was inaugurated in Iran in a ceremony attended by the country’s Defence Minister, Hussein Dehghan, Tasnim news portal reported on Nov. 9. Dehghan underlined that, the Sayyad-2 missile uses solid-fuel engine, adding that it benefits combined guidance system with high operation capabilities. Sayyad-2 is an upgraded version […]

Iran Starts Producing New Missile System

Tehran  – Iran’s Defence Minister Hossein Dehqan on Saturday inaugurated the production line of an anti-missile system dubbed the Sayyad-2 (Hunter 2), media reported. “In order to counter aerial attack, we have put the production of the Sayyad-2 missile system on the agenda,” Dehqan said on state television during the inauguration ceremony. “This solid-fuel missile […]