Sang-O Class

Operator: North Korea
Status: In Service
Number: ~40
Names: Unnamed
Acquired: 1991
General Specs
Country of origin: North Korea
Class: Coastal submarine
Manufacturer: North Korea
Introduced: Late 1980s
Displacement: 330 – 370 tons
Propulsion: Diesel Electric
Power: Unknown
Max Speed: 9.2 mph (8 knots)
Length: 111.5 ft (34 m)
Beam: 12.5 ft (3.8 m)
Height: Unknown
Draft: Unknown
Dive Depth 492.1 ft (150 m)
Hull Material: Steel
Fuel Capacity: Unknown
Range: 1,726.2 miles (2,778 km / 1,500 nm)
Crew: 21 + as many as 5 commandos
Armament: 2 x 533mm torpedo tubes
Missiles None
Torpedos 53-65KE torpedo
Mines EM-50 mines
Other: None
Sonar/Sensors: Non-indigenous commercial systems
Countermeasures/Defenses: None
Notes: May come in two versions: one armed with torpedoes to perform conventional attacks, and another (also known as the K-300 class) to perform reconnaissance missions and insert special operations personnel onto hostile shores.
A Sang-O submarine was captured in September 1996 after running aground near Gangneung, South Korea as it attempted to retrieve three North Korean special operations commandos. The incident lead to a 53-day manhunt, that resulted in 24 of the submarine’s crew killed, one captured, and another believed to have escaped across the DMZ.