Paveway IV

UK-Supplied Precision Weapons Prove Popular in Saudi-Led Yemen Campaign

The Royal Saudi Air Force has used British-supplied cruise missiles against Houthi rebels in Yemen, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has confirmed. The Storm Shadow long-range cruise missile was among a list of British-supplied precision-guided weapons named by Fallon as having been used against the Yemeni rebels since the two-year-long conflict erupted following a Houthi coup […]

RAF Bombs Diverted to Saudis for Yemen Strikes

Britain is transferring Paveway IV precision guided bombs originally earmarked for the Royal Air Force to Saudi Arabia to enable the Gulf state to build stocks of the weapon being used against targets in Yemen and Syria, sources here said. The Ministry of Defence has swapped delivery positions on the production line at Raytheon UK […]

Saudi Typhoons Use Paveway IV Bombs on ISIS

Typhoon combat jets flown by the Royal Saudi Air Force have used Paveway IV precision-guided bombs to strike Islamic State terrorists, marking the first time the weapon has been launched in anger from the Eurofighter-built aircraft, according to gulf region sources. The Raytheon-developed weapon was only recently cleared for service on Typhoon. The missile is […]

RAF Conducts Further Air Strikes in Iraq

Royal Air Force Tornados have conducted further operations in support of Kurdish ground forces engaged in combat with ISIL in north west Iraq. Overnight, 2 GR4s provided vital air support to Peshmerga forces advancing on an ISIL position, conducting a successful precision attack on an armed pick-up truck with a Paveway IV guided bomb.

Armed British Warplanes Flying ‘Daily’ Over Iraq

Armed British warplanes are flying daily missions over Iraq and would launch air strikes if called in by local forces on the ground, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said Sunday. Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 combat jets have been flying from Britain’s RAF Akrotiri sovereign base on Cyprus loaded with Paveway IV laser-guided bombs. “They are […]

Raytheon Secures First Export for Paveway IV

Raytheon UK’s Paveway IV precision-guided bomb has secured its first export customer, following US congressional approval for a deal to supply weapons to Saudi Arabia. Export of the Paveway IV to the Saudis has been held up for several years by the refusal of the US State Department to give clearance for US components included […]