P-800 Yakhont (SS-N-26 Strobile)

Operator: Syria Hezbollah
Status: In Service Potentially
Number: <72 Approximately 12
Cost: Unknown
Acquired: Ordered: 2007 (including 36 launcher vehicles) 2013
Delivered: 2011-2013
General Specs:
Country of origin: Russian Federation
Manufacturer: NPO Mashinostroyeniya
Introduced: Development began in 1983
export version available in 1998
Range: High-low trajectory: 186.41 miles (300 km)
Low-low trajectory: 74.56 miles (120 km)
Warhead: 440.93 lbs (200 kg)
Speed: High altitude: Mach 2.6
Low altitude: Mach 1.5-1.7
Weight: 6613.87 lbs (3000 kg)
Length: 29.20 ft (8.90 m)
Diameter: 2.20 ft (670 mm)
Wingspan: 4.59 ft (1400 mm)
Propellant: Kerosene-fueled multi-mode liquid-fuel ramjet; launch is assisted by a solid-rocket booster.
Guidance System: Homing head is an onboard two-channel active/passive radar. The homing head is modular including an antenna, transmitter, receiver, information processor, and built-in self-check device. The missile has an onbaord radar-warning receiver and analyzer, allowing it to make evasive maneuvers.
Launch Platform: Ships, submarines, aircraft, truck-mounted launchers
Misc: The missiles are known locally as P-800 Oniks; Yakhont is its export name.
Developed as ramjet version of P-80 Zubr
The missile is protected from various countermeasures that affect the operating range and angle coordinates. It is resistant to passive interference like dipole clouds and angular reflectors.
At roughly 60-80 km from the target, the missile’s radar switches on and searches for the target. When the target is located, at approximately 25-30 km, the radar stops transmitting and goes into passive mode.
The missile is coated in radar-absorbent materials.
NATO designation: SS-N-26


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