Otomat Mk2

Operator: Egypt Saudi Arabia
Status: In Service In Service
Number: 60 225
Acquired: 1980 – 1981 1985 – 1988
General Specs:
Country of origin: France France
Manufacturer: MBDA
Introduced: 1976
Range: Unassisted: 46.03 miles (74.08 km)
Maximum: 111.63 miles (179.64 km)
Warhead: 463 lb (210 kg) semi-piercing/HE explosive type
Speed: Mach 0.9
Weight: 1,750 lb (793.79 kg)
Length: 14.76 ft (4.5 m)
Diameter: 1.3 ft (0.4 m)
Wingspan: 4.27 ft (1.3 m)
Propellant: 1 x Turbomeca TR-281 Arbizon non-afterburning turbojet & 2 x Hotchkiss-Brandt single-stage, solid-fuel Roxel launch rockets.
Guidance system: SMA ST-2 single-axis active seeker
Inertial Navigation System (INS)/GPS Navigation
Marconi TG-2 datalink allowing mid-course updates.
Fire and forget
Extended Range Targeting of Otomat (ERATO) *Saudi missiles only
Accuracy: >0.9 Single-Shot Kill Probability (SSKP)
Launch platform: Ship and coastal battery launched
Ramadan Class Al Madinah Class
Misc: Sea-skimming trajectory
Electronic Counter Counter-Measures (ECCM)


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