Israel Builds First Prototype of Future Fighting Vehicle

Israel’s Tank Production Authority is producing its first prototype of Eitan, an eight-wheel-drive armored fighting vehicle designed to weigh nearly half as much as the new Namer heavy carriers. The locally developed Eitan — Hebrew for steadfast — will be deployed alongside new Namers and will replace old M113s that still support the bulk of Israeli infantry. Sources […]

Israel Signs Heavy APC Deal With GDLS

Israel’s Defense Ministry announced Tuesday that it signed a US $310 million contract with General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) to produce kits for its Namer (Leopard), a heavy troop carrier based on the indigenous Merkava Mk4 main battle tank. Funded through annual US military assistance, the six-year contract calls for US-based production kits, with final […]

Israeli MoD Doubles Merkava 4, Namer Component Orders

The Israeli Ministry of Defense (MoD) signalled that it expects the government to approve a significant increase in the production of Merkava Mk 4 tanks and Namer armoured personnel carriers (APCs), when it announced in early March that it has doubled its order for components for the two platforms. According to defence sources, some of […]

Israel Angles to Extend US Offer for V-22s

Israel has asked Washington to preserve cut-rate costs and generous terms of a proposed package of up to six V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft pending an ongoing reassessment of procurement priorities driven by last summer’s Gaza war. Proposed prices, delivery schedules and deferred payment allowances guaranteed in a Pentagon-crafted letter of offer and acceptance (LOA) expired Dec. […]

IDF Prioritises Namers Over V-22s

Israel has cancelled an agreement to purchase the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor transport aircraft as part of a shift in defence procurement priorities in the wake of the recent operation against militants in the Gaza Strip. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced in October 2013 that Israel would get six V-22s from the “next […]

IDF Steps Up Production of Next Gen Troop Carriers

The IDF is stepping up construction of state-of-the-art armored personnel carriers in order to better protect its troops, following lessons learned during the summer’s conflict in the Gaza Strip, Channel 2 reported Monday night. The military is allocating funds for the construction of a large number of ‘Namer’ (leopard) APCs, introduced in 2008, which sport the durable chassis […]