Mistral Class

Operator: Egypt
Status: In Service
Number: 2
Ships: 1010 Gamal Abdel Nasser (formerly Sevastopol)
1020 Anwar El Sada (formerly Vladivostok)
Cost: €950 million ($1.1 billion)
Acquired: Purchased October 2015; First received June 2016; To enter service in September 2016
General Specs
Country of origin: France (some Russian-made weapon systems may remain on the ships going to Egypt)
Class: Amphibious assault ship (Landing helicopter dock – LHD)
Manufacturer: DCNS/STX France
Introduced: October 2004
Displacement: 21,300 tons
Length: 653 ft (199 m)
Beam: 105 ft (32 m)
Draft: 20 ft (6.2 m)
Hull Material:
Propullsion: 2 x Alstom 7MW electric azimuth pods
Speed: 21.6 mph (18.8 kts)
Range: 12,659 miles at 17.3 mph (11,000 nm at 15 kts)
Fuel Capacity:
Crew: 160
Transport Capacity
Aircraft: 16 x heavy or 35 x light helicopters (including Ka-52, Ka-27, NH-90, SA-330, AS-532, SA-342, or AS-665)
Boats/Landing Craft: 2 x LCAC hovercraft or 4 x landing craft
Vehicles: >60
Troops: 450 for long deployments / >700 short deployments
Guns: 2 x AK-630 30mm radar-aimed gatling guns
4 x DP-65 grenade launchers
Anti-air: 2 x Gibkha 3M-47 (SA-N-10) w/ 4 x 9K338 Igla-S (SA-24 Grinch)
Anti-ship: None
Other: None
Radar/Sensors: Thales MMR-3D NG G-band multirole radar
Russian combat management system
Defense/Countermeasures: Russian electronic support measures (ESM)
Other: 69 x bed hospital
Russian/French communication equipment
Notes: Originally built for Russia, the deal was cancelled by France after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014.


Russia Offers Egypt Modern Armament, Electronic Warfare Systems for Mistral Ships

Russia has offered Egypt modern armament and electronic warfare systems and communications means to mount on Mistral helicopter carriers and the negotiations are continuing, presidential aide for military and technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin told TASS on Thursday. “The Russian Federation has offered Egypt a wide range of equipment and military hardware to mount on Mistral […]

Egypt Receives First of Two French Mistral Warships

Egypt on Thursday received the first of two French Mistral helicopter carriers and said the second would arrive in September as part of a deal signed last year. France agreed last year to sell two Mistral helicopter carriers to Egypt for 950 million euros ($1 billion) after their sale to Russia was canceled last August. […]

Russian Firm: Progress Made To Equip Radio Systems for Egyptian Carriers

The Russian company United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation reported ‘great progress’ in negotiations for the sale of radio-electronic communication systems to equip the Egyptian Navy’s two new Mistral-class helicopter carriers. The Egyptian Navy ordered the two amphibious assault carriers from France late in 2015 after cancellation of the initial order from Russia, which provided its own radio […]

Egyptian Navy to Receive 46 Ka-52K Naval Helicopters From Russia

JSC Russian Helicopters says it will supply the Egyptian Navy with 46 Ka-52K (Kamov-52 “Katran”) naval attack helicopters to equip the two Mistraal-class helicopter carrier amphibious assaults ships acquired from France last year. In a statement marking the end of the 2015 trading year, JSC Russian Helicopters Director-General Alexander Mikheyev said that despite the difficult […]

Egypt to Order Ka-52K Helicopters for Mistral Ships

Egypt will order Kamov Ka-52K Katran naval attack helicopters in addition to the Ka-52 Alligator helicopters it has already ordered, a source close to Russia’s military-technical co-operation with other countries has told IHS Jane’s . “In addition to the 50 Ka-52 Alligator attack/scout helicopters already ordered, Egypt intends to acquire Ka-52K navalised helicopters for its […]