MiG-25 Foxbat

Algeria Orders 12 Su-34 ‘Fullback’ Fighter-Bombers From Russia

The Algerian Air Force has ordered 12 Sukhoi (Su-34) “Fullback” fighter bombers from Russian aircraft manufacturer Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association to replace an aged fleet of Soviet-era MiG-25s, which are long over-due for retirement from service, as part of an ongoing force modernization program. In an interview published by Russian-language newspaper Vedomosti on New Year’s Day, […]

Misrata Airbase Attacked, ISIS Claims Responsibility

A MiG jet fighter and three other aircraft were destroyed at Misrata airbase this morning in an attack being claimed by the Islamic State. In response, the Misrata forces carried out an airstrike on a site west of Sirte, at Al-Dahair, where IS are beleived to have a camp. “The attack occurred at dawn while people […]

Libya Dawn Moves MiG-25s to Misratah

The Libya Dawn coalition has moved three MiG-25 interceptors to the air base in the coastal city of Misratah, satellite imagery shows. Google Earth imagery from 31 January shows one MiG-25 at the southern apron at the base and three on 28 February. The one present in January does not appear to have moved in […]

Algerian ‘Foxbat’ Fighter Lost in Training Accident

An Algerian Air Force MiG-25 ‘Foxbat’ combat aircraft crashed during a training exercise on 11 November, national media reported. The single-seat Soviet-era fighter came down near a live-fire range at Hassi Bahbah in the north of the country, the Algerian Press Service reported the National Defence Ministry as saying. The pilot ejected safely and was […]

Syria’s MiG-25s Fly Again

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) acquired an unknown number of MiG-25s – one of the fastest military aircraft ever fielded – from the late 1970s in four variants: MiG-25P and MiG-25PD interceptors (the former was subsequently upgraded to the PD standard to become the MiG-25PDS), MiG-25RB reconnaissance bombers, and MiG-25PU trainers. The SAAF was […]

Turkish Fighter Jets Scramble to Intercept Syrian Warplanes

Four Turkish fighter jets scrambled on Wednesday to intercept three Syrian SU-24 fighter jets and one MIG-25 fighter jet which approached to southern Turkey, said a Turkish military statement. Two Turkish F-16 fighter jets scrambled Friday to intercept two Syrian SU-24 jets which came closer to the south of Cilvegozu Border Gate in Reyhanli town […]