MiG-23 Flogger

Libya Dawn Aircraft Crashes During Raid on Zintan

The Libyan National Army (LNA) announced on 23 March that an aircraft belonging to the rival Libya Dawn coalition had crashed after it carried out an attack on Zintan airport. Photographs of the wreckage suggested the aircraft was a MiG-23. It first emerged that Libya Dawn had aircraft capable of carrying out ground attacks when […]

Libyan Militia Coalition Conducts First Airstrikes

A militia coalition that controls the Libyan capital Tripoli conducted its first air strikes against forces loyal to the internationally recognised government in a major escalation of the interfactional conflict currently raging in the North African country, the New York Times reported. Combat aircraft flown by the Libya Dawn group, which includes radical Islamist elements, […]

Libyan Air Force Claims to Have Opened Western Campaign

The Libyan Air Force appears to have carried out its first airstrikes in the west of the country, increasing pressure on the groups that control Tripoli. The remnants of the Ghadaffi-era air force are loyal to former general Khalifah Haftar, who is leading an alliance of military units and militias against the rival Libya Dawn […]

Syria Condemns Turkey ‘Aggression’ After Jet Downed

Syria accused Ankara of “flagrant aggression” Sunday after Turkey shot down a warplane near the border, raising tensions as Syrian loyalists and rebels battled for control of a frontier crossing. Turkey, which backs the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, warned Damascus against testing its determination and pledged a tough response if Syrian warplanes violate its […]

Turkey Scrambles 4 Fighter Jets to Intercept Syrian Warplanes

Turkey scrambled four F-16 fighter jets to intercept two Syrian warplanes that were approaching its southern border, a Turkish military statement said Monday. Two fighter jets were scrambled to intercept one Syrian MI-17 helicopter close to Altinozu town in southern Hatay province, said the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces in the statement. Another […]

There Is An Air War Still Going on in Syria

Syrian Arab Air Force bombers are constantly pounding rebel forces across Syria. Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer, Mig-29 Fulcrum and Mig-23 Flogger bombers are those most frequently depicted in footage emerging on a daily basis from Damascus, Idlib and any other city or village where loyalist forces fight Free Syrian Army insurgents. Noteworthy, clear blue skies and […]

Russian Forays Into Turkish Airspace Challenge Ankara’s Syria Policy… And NATO

Russian warplanes entered Turkish airspace from Syria twice over the weekend, sending Turkish F-16s scrambling. In separate incidents on Monday, a Russian-made Syrian MiG-29 jet placed two Turkish F-16s patrolling the border under radar lock for several minutes. Later that day, Syrian surface-to-air missile batteries locked on to another flight of Turkish F-16s. The incidents […]