MiG-21/F-7 Fishbed

Saudi Airstrikes Cripple Air Force in Yemen

Saudi warplanes struck military bases that had been seized by Houthi rebels in Yemen, crippling the air force in a U.S.-backed campaign that has led to fears of a proxy war among the Middle East’s big powers. As weekend airstrikes blunted their expansion into southern Yemen, the Iranian-backed rebels suffered a political setback: Their most […]

Iran Test-Fires New Missile on F7 Fighter Jet

The Iranian Air Force test-fired a new home-made missile mounted on an overhauled F7 fighter jet, a senior commander announced on Saturday. “When we bought the F7 fighters, they suffered operational and tactical weaknesses and now our experts have removed these weaknesses by the help of their experiences in (overhauling) other fighters,” Commander of Air […]

JF-17 Presses On After News of Egypt’s Plans

News that Egypt may acquire the UAE’s Mirage fighters is likely to scupper Pakistan’s hopes of selling the JF-17, especially since Cairo is also reportedly negotiating for 20 Rafale fighters, and shown interest in the MiG-35. However, brisk development of the JF-17 continues alongside sales efforts. Kaiser Tufail, former Pakistani air commodore, said the UAE’s […]

Libyan Air Force Claims to Have Opened Western Campaign

The Libyan Air Force appears to have carried out its first airstrikes in the west of the country, increasing pressure on the groups that control Tripoli. The remnants of the Ghadaffi-era air force are loyal to former general Khalifah Haftar, who is leading an alliance of military units and militias against the rival Libya Dawn […]

Islamic State Documents Takeover of Syrian Airbase

The Islamic State released photographs that document its recent takeover of the Syrian Air Force’s base in Tabqa in Raqqah province. The photographs, which were published yesterday on the Internet, show the aftermath of the Islamic State’s latest conquest against the Syrian military. Islamic State fighters overran the Tabqa airbase last weekend. [See LWJ report, Islamic State fighters […]