Mid-to-Long Range Rockets

Open source information on Hamas’ weapon arsenal is difficult to glean due to the organization’s lack of transparency. MilitaryEdge.org has created broad categories of Hamas weaponry to provide a general sense of capabilities.

For Hamas, the category Mid-to-Long Range Rockets includes the following: Fajr 3Fajr 5 (or locally produced M-75), and the M-302.

During Operation Pillar of Defense, the Israeli Air Force reportedly eliminated much of Hamas’ stockpile of these rockets. As a result of the continued crackdown on smuggling tunnels between Egypt and Gaza, Hamas has been forced to rely more heavily on the locally produced M-75. As of December 2013, the Israel Defense Forces assessed that Hamas was in the possession of “more than 20″ of these rockets.

Houthi Missile Arsenal Holds a Key to Future Yemen Peace

A U.N. peace plan for Yemen seeks to deprive the country’s armed Houthi movement of its missile arsenal which Yemeni security sources say includes scores and maybe even hundreds of Soviet-era ballistic missiles pointed at their foes in Saudi Arabia. But whether the Iran-allied group will abandon the missiles hidden in mountainous ravines which have […]

More Iron Dome Batteries Deployed in Light of Renewed Rocket Fire

In light of recent regeneration of rocket fire on southern Israeli communities, security officials decided last week to deploy four Iron Dome air defense system batteries in Ashdod, Netivot, Ashkelon and Beersheba. On Thursday night, rocket alert sirens sounded in Ashkelon and surrounding communities warning of a possible projectile attack. Although the projectile failed to […]

Israeli Aircraft Strike, PM Accuses World of Ignoring Gaza Rockets

Israeli aircraft bombed the Gaza Strip on Sunday after the latest in a series of Palestinian rocket attacks that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the international community of ignoring. The Omar Brigades, a Palestinian group that supports Islamic State, claimed responsibility for Saturday’s salvo, which, like the Israeli air strikes, caused no casualties. Israel closed […]

Rockets Fired From Gaza at Southern Israel

Three rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza, police said on Wednesday, after warning sirens were heard in Israeli towns near the border. There were no casualties, police said. No militant groups in Gaza issued any claims of responsibility. A week ago Gaza militants launched their deepest strike at Israel since a 50-day war of […]

Gaza Rockets, Iranian Fingerprints

Hamas has fired more than 1,400 rockets into Israel, putting roughly two-thirds of the population in range, since the most recent round of violence erupted last week. Many of the variants can be traced back to the tenacious weapons smuggling efforts of Iran. When Israel’s navy seized weapons aboard the Klos-C on the Red Sea in early March, it appeared Israeli […]

The Syrian “M-302” Rockets Intercepted on the Red Sea

Early Wednesday morning, a special operations unit of the Israeli navy conducted what appears to be a long-planned boarding operation of a Panamanian-flagged ship, the Klos-C, which was transiting the Red Sea en route to Port Sudan. Members of the Shayetet 13 commando unit (Israel’s version of the U.S. Navy’s SEAL teams) seized “numerous advanced […]

An Edge in the Desert

Weapons are pouring into the Middle East at an unprecedented rate. The Pentagon recently announced that it would sell six tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft to Israel for $1.3 billion, American hardware (including Apache helicopters) is being rushed to the Iraqi government to help in its battle against al Qaeda, and Washington has also restored military aid to Egypt after a brief hiatus. But Uncle […]