Mi-24/Mi-35 Hind

Iraqi Mi-28 Numbers Revealed

The 2013 annual report released by the Russian helicopter manufacturer Rostvertol has revealed the number of Mi-28 attack helicopters that have been ordered by Iraq. It was announced in October 2012 that Iraq had ordered Mi-28s, but the precise number has never been revealed, with the Russian media reporting that the deal covers the delivery […]

Iraqi Helicopters Hit Convoy in Syria

Iraqi army helicopters have attacked a self-declared jihadist convoy inside eastern Syria as it tried to approach the border, killing at least eight people, an interior ministry spokesman said. Sunday’s raid was the It was the first time Iraq’s military has said it carried out an attack in Syria. “The army struck eight tanker trucks […]

Iraqi Military Air Strike Kills Six AQI Militants in Anbar

SIX suspected Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) militants were killed during an Iraqi air force helicopter strike on a building where the militants were sheltering in the Al-Tamim area in the west of Ramadi city in Anbar province on 11 March, Al-Shorfa reported. A large quantity of weapons, ammunition, and explosives were reportedly destroyed during the […]

Iraq Expects Russian Weapons Delivery Next Month

The second consignment of Russian weapons and military equipment, to be delivered to Iraq under the deal signed in 2012, will arrive later than previously announced, a senior Iraqi lawmaker said on Sunday. Last year, Iraq signed a $4.3 billion deal with Moscow to buy Russian weapons and military equipment, including around 40 Mi-35 and […]

Iraqi Military’s Lack of Airpower Enabling ISIS’s Advance

This week’s stunning advance by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) presents some serious questions about the legitimacy of Iraqi security forces (ISF) and Washington’s policy of giving billions in military aid to troubled Middle Eastern governments. Since the fall of Fallujah in early January, the Iraqi military has failed to put down the […]