Merkava Mk 4

Israeli MoD Doubles Merkava 4, Namer Component Orders

The Israeli Ministry of Defense (MoD) signalled that it expects the government to approve a significant increase in the production of Merkava Mk 4 tanks and Namer armoured personnel carriers (APCs), when it announced in early March that it has doubled its order for components for the two platforms. According to defence sources, some of […]

Israel Lists 14 Programs Introduced in 2014

TEL AVIV — From its newest nuclear-capable submarine to vegan-considerate, leather-free boots and berets, here is a year-end list of 14 programs fielded during 2014, as translated from the official Israel Defense Forces (IDF) website: 1. Hot, healthy, low-fat meals ready to eat (MREs) supported forces for the first time in Israel’s summer 2014 Operation […]

IDF Steps Up Production of Next Gen Troop Carriers

The IDF is stepping up construction of state-of-the-art armored personnel carriers in order to better protect its troops, following lessons learned during the summer’s conflict in the Gaza Strip, Channel 2 reported Monday night. The military is allocating funds for the construction of a large number of ‘Namer’ (leopard) APCs, introduced in 2008, which sport the durable chassis […]

IDF Wants More Namer APCs and Trophy Protection Systems

Senior army officials hope that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will acquire better-protected armoured vehicles and more active protection systems (APS) such as Rafael’s Trophy. Their comments came after seven members of the elite Golani Brigade were killed by an rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attack on their M113 armoured personnel carrier (APC) during Operation ‘Protective Edge’ […]

Israel Lauds New Capabilities in Gaza

On July 8, the first day of Operation Protective Edge, five Hamas frogmen attempted an amphibious assault on an Israeli military base bordering northern Gaza. They didn’t get far. First, they were spotted by a Navy coastal sensor, which streamed targeting data through the Army’s new command-and-control network to air, sea and ground shooters. Almost […]

Downing St Reviews £8bn Arms Sales to Israel

Britain is reviewing £8bn worth of arms exports to Israel in the light of the country’s military campaign in Gaza. Downing Street said on Monday that the UK government would look at each of the licences granted to British companies to ensure they were not being used for internal repression or to provoke further conflict. […]

Israeli Anti-Tank Missile Defense System Makes Debut

While nine Iron Dome batteries scattered around Israel protect the lives of millions of Israeli citizens, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) tanks and armored vehicles operating in the Gaza Strip have their own Iron Dome: Operation Protective Edge is the first real test of Wind Jacket (known internationally as Trophy), the first-of-its-kind active-defense system for tanks […]