Israel Builds First Prototype of Future Fighting Vehicle

Israel’s Tank Production Authority is producing its first prototype of Eitan, an eight-wheel-drive armored fighting vehicle designed to weigh nearly half as much as the new Namer heavy carriers. The locally developed Eitan — Hebrew for steadfast — will be deployed alongside new Namers and will replace old M113s that still support the bulk of Israeli infantry. Sources […]

IDF Steps Up Production of Next Gen Troop Carriers

The IDF is stepping up construction of state-of-the-art armored personnel carriers in order to better protect its troops, following lessons learned during the summer’s conflict in the Gaza Strip, Channel 2 reported Monday night. The military is allocating funds for the construction of a large number of ‘Namer’ (leopard) APCs, introduced in 2008, which sport the durable chassis […]

IDF Wants More Namer APCs and Trophy Protection Systems

Senior army officials hope that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will acquire better-protected armoured vehicles and more active protection systems (APS) such as Rafael’s Trophy. Their comments came after seven members of the elite Golani Brigade were killed by an rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attack on their M113 armoured personnel carrier (APC) during Operation ‘Protective Edge’ […]

Budget Constraints Mean IDF Using Vulnerable APCs

An anti-tank missile hit an outdated APC early this week, killing seven soldiers. Only this morning did the IDF spokesman release for publication the names of the six Golani Brigade soldiers killed early Sunday morning when an APC (armored personnel carrier) was hit in the Saijiya battle. Particulars of the seventh soldier killed in the […]

Soldiers Killed in Gaza Were Deployed in 50-Year-Old APC

The armored personnel carrier in which seven Golani Brigade soldiers were killed when it was attacked early Sunday morning in the Gaza Strip is the oldest model still in use by the Israel Defense Forces. The American M113 APC was manufactured in the 1960s, and senior IDF officers were critical of the decision to send […]

Arms Sale Debate Erupts as Fallujah Falls

Weapon sales to Iraq have become entangled in sharply escalated political debate after al-Qaida affiliated forces regained partial control of the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi. Aides to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., criticized the Obama administration last week, saying it had failed to engage Congress constructively on policy decisions, delaying […]