Operator: Israel
Status: In Service
General Specs:
Country of origin: Israel
Manufacturer: Israel Aerospace Industries
Introduced: 2007
Class: Theater Quasiballistic Missile (LOng Range Artillery)
Range: 18.6-186.4 mi (30-300 km)
Warhead: HE 882 lbs (400 kg) or submunitions 1,323 lbs (600 kg)
Weight: 2,712-3,439 lbs (1,230-1,560 kg)
Length: 15.4-17.0 ft (4.7-5.2 m)
Diameter: 2.00-2.13 ft (0.61-0.65 m)
Propellant: Solid propellant
Guidance System: Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System (INS/GPS) and TV for terminal guidance
Accuracy: < 33 ft (10 m) CEP
Launch Platform: Quadruple packs by naval or ground launch
Combat history:

Israel Mulls Acquisition of Hundreds of Missiles for Possible Lebanon Conflict

Defense officials are looking into acquiring hundreds of missiles and precision rockets that could destroy targets during a confrontation with forces inside Lebanon. The focus of their interest is a pair of developments – IMI Systems’ Extra rocket and Israel Aerospace Industries’ LORA surface-to-surface missile. The Artillery Corps currently uses the Romach artillery rocket system, […]