KN-11 (Bukkeukseong-1)

Operator: North Korea
Status: Under Development
Number: Few
Cost: Unknown
Acquired: First tested May 2015. Expected to be operational by 2020.
General Specs:
Country of origin: North Korea
Introduced: 2015
Class: Submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM)
Range: 186.4 – 559.2 miles (300 – 900 km)
Warhead: Nuclear, chemical, biological, or high-explosive warhead (payload: 1,433 lbs (650 kg))
Speed: Unknown
Weight: 33,069.3 lbs (15,000 kg)
Length: 29.5 ft (9 m)
Diameter: 4.9 ft (1.5 m)
Propellant: Solid single-stage (initial tests may have used liquid fuel)
Guidance System: Unknown
Accuracy: Unknown
Launch Platform: Sinpo class submarine (tests likely performed using submersible test barge)
Notes: As many as seven test launches may have occurred. The test on April 23, 2016 is believed to be a partial success, with the missile achieving ejection and flying for 18.6 miles (30 km).
Based on the Soviet R-27 SLBM


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