Kılıç Class

Operator: Turkey
Status: In Service
Number: 9
Names: P330 Kilic
P331 Kalkan
P332 Mizrak
P333 Tufan
P334 Meltem
P335 Imbay
P336 Zipkin
P337 Atak
P338 Bora
Acquired: 1998-2010
General Specs
Country of origin: Germany/Turkey
Class: Patrol Craft
Manufacturer: Lurssen
Introduced: 1997
Displacement: 548 tons
Propulsion: 4 x MTU 16V956 TB91 diesel engine
Power: 18,000 hp
Speed: 43.7 mph (38 kt)
Length: 204.7 ft (62.4 m)
Beam: 28.2 ft (8.6 m)
Draft: 9.2 ft (2.8 m)
Hull Material:
Fuel Capacity:
Range: 3,797.6 mile (6,111.6 km/3,300 nm) @ 16 kt
Crew: 46
Guns: 1 x 76mm/62 cal. OTO-Melara
2 x 40mm/70 cal. OTO-Melara
2 x 7.62mm machine gun
Anti-ship: 8 x RGM-84 Harpoon
Radar/Sensors: MW 08 surface search
STING fire control
Misc Systems: SCOUT KH1007 navigation


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