Khareef Class

Operator: Oman
Status: In Service/Sea Trials
Number: 3
Names: Q40 Al-Shamikh
Q41 Al-Rahmani (Sea Trials)
Q42 Al-Rasikh (Sea Trials)
Cost: £400,000,000 ($636 million)
Acquired: 2013
General Specs
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Class: Corvette
Manufacturer: BAE
Introduced: 2009
Displacement: 2,660 tons
Propulsion: 2 x MTU diesel
Speed: 25 knots
Length: 324.8 ft (99 m)
Beam: 47.9 ft (14.6 m)
Draft: 13.5 ft (4.1 m)
Hull Material:
Fuel Capacity:
Range: 3910.4 nm
Crew: 100
Guns 1 x 76mm 62 cal. OTO Melara Super Rapid
2 x 30mm MSI DS30M
Anti-air 12 x MBDA VL Mica SAM
Anti-ship 8 x MM40 Exocet Block 3
Radar/Sensors: TACTICOS command management system
SMART-S Mk2 3D multibeam S-band air and surface search radar
Thales Nederland Sting electro-optic director
Countermeasures/Defenses: Thales Vigile 400 ESM
Rheinmetall MASS decoys
Misc Systems:

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