Kh-55SM (AS-15 Kent/Soumar)

Operator: Iran
Status: Kh-55SM: Possessed (for testing and reverse engineering)
Soumar: Development/testing
Number: 6
Cost: Unknown
Acquired: June 2001
General Specs:
Country of origin: Soviet Union
Manufacturer: Raduga OKB
Introduced: 1984
Class: Kh-55SM: Air-launched land attack cruise missile
Soumar: Ground-launched land attack cruise missile
Range: 1,550-1864.1 miles (2,500-3,000 km)
Warhead: 200-250 kT nuclear warhead
904 lbs (410 kg) conventional high-explosive warhead
Speed: 365.4-586.1 mph (Mach 0.48-0.77)
Weight: 3,747.9 lbs (1,700 kg)
Length: 26.5 ft (8.1 m)
Diameter: 30.3 in (77 cm)
Wingspan: 10.2 ft (3.1 m)
Power plant: Omsk AMKB TVD-50 turbofan (Soumar includes rocket booster)
Guidance system: Inertial navigation
Terrain Contour Matching (TERCOM)
Accuracy: 82 ft (25 m) circular error probable (CEP)
Launch platform: Kh-55SM: Heavy bomber (Tu-95MS or Tu-160)
Soumar: Ground-based transporter erector launcher (TEL)
Notes: Ukraine allegedly transferred six Kh-55SMs to Iran in 2001. In March 2015, Iran unveiled the Soumar which closely resembled a Kh-55 featuring a booster for ground-launch.


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