Report: US and UK Spied on Israeli Drones for Years

U.S and British intelligence cracked the codes of Israeli drones operating in the Middle East and monitored their surveillance feeds for almost 20 years, according to documents leaked by an American whistleblower and published in international media on Friday. Reports by the German magazine Der Spiegel and the investigative website The Intercept said the details […]

IAI Courts India with Offsets, Tech Transfer

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel’s largest defense exporter, is courting India, its leading trade partner, with a spectrum of incentives aimed at preserving its edge against Russian, American and other rival arms suppliers. Through offsets, technology transfer and promises of licensed production, IAI hopes to secure new projects and follow-on deals to those that have […]

Israel AF Describes UAV Ops in Gaza

It has been over two weeks that the IAF’s UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and reconnaissance squadrons have been working around the clock-first in the skies above the West Bank as part of Operation “Brother’s Keeper” and then in southern Israel following the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip. Over the past few days, the […]

Israel Air Force Describes UAV Operator Training

The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operators Course 23 came to an end last week, as dozens of new operators received their operator’s pin and officer insignia from the Commander of the IAF. “The world of unmanned aerial vehicles is being characterized by more missions, more capabilities, more responsibility and more expectations for the future. Your […]

Israel Limits Security Cooperation with Russia

Israel has forfeited some US $1 billion in defense trade and dual-use development projects with Russia due to a delicately balanced foreign and export licensing policy aimed at preserving security ties with Moscow without harming vital interests of the US and its NATO allies. In interviews here, officials underscored Israel’s sovereign right and need to […]

Israeli Drone Makers Fight Off Export Rivals

At Elbit Systems’ Haifa headquarters, a room is devoted to give pride of place to the Hermes 450, the Israeli defence group’s top-of-the-line unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone. With its 300km range and ability to stay aloft for 17 hours, the Hermes 450 forms the backbone of Israel’s military fleet, which uses the drone in […]